Plan/Project Review

Plan/Project Review

Risk Engineering services pertaining to facility design, construction or major site alterations. Plan/project review involves the inclusion of PRC at any stage of a project to ensure fire protection and other design aspects are adequately specified and undertaken with regards to risk management. A common important issue is the adequate specification of fire sprinkler systems.

Activities typically comprise:

  • Project specification derivation. Mostly comprising of construction features, fire protection, occupancy and equipment hazard management.
  • Project and site meetings to assess progress, site conditions, adherence to specifications and address variations from agreed features.
  • Technical advice provided as and when needed.
  • Site visits to perform commissioning and acceptance testing.
  • Post-completion underwriting surveys for significant changes or new facilities.

Benefits include:

  • Mitigation of property hazards.
  • Positive loss prevention features incorporated at the most cost effective early stages.
  • Facilities which are attractive to the insurance market.
  • Overseeing of contractors with regards to important property risk hazards.

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